The living heroic legend that is Barack Obama has already broken the pop-culture record of Baghdad Bob and is now approaching that of Chuck Norris and Vladimir Putin. When even Obama's official campaign is forced to launch a fact-checking website to keep his runaway aura under control, you just know that Obama's public persona has developed a life of its own and is resisting efforts to catch it and put it on Ritalin. We thought that the best way to take control of the situation would be by using Obama's own patented method of hopeful approach to reality. So we built a radically different website: it looks like Obama's fact-checking site, only instead of chasing cowardly facts and arguing old truths that are tarnished and tedious, we invent new,sparkling-clean truths that are exciting and heroic. The beauty of this approach is that when new truths become old and tarnished, they can be easily thrown under the bus and replaced with newer and better heroic truths, ensuring Obama's glorious march towards a higher metaphysical plane of unstoppable service to humankind.




... if you say "hope" many thousand times in a row every day for a year, you will start seeing wonderful things?

  • 5,000 times - lose weight and look younger
  • 10,000 times - feel capable of maintaining a regular job
  • 20,000 times - the bank will give you back your house and your cats
  • 40,000 times - your ex will move in back with you.
  • 80,000 times - you will win a Mega Millions jackpot without buying a ticket.
  • 160,000 times - the Democrat Party will make you their candidate for President


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Malik Obama, older brother to Barack Obama, holds an undated picture of Barack, upper left, and himself, upper middle, and other unidentified friends in his shop somewhere on Lappa IV.


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